What We Offer

What We Offer

Rogersworks are specialists in employee group benefits, association group benefits, and pension plan advisor services. As independent brokers, we are licensed to represent all of the major insurance carriers and the top third party administration firms in Canada. We work pro-actively with clients to make sure that our deep expertise is leveraged as an extension of their in-house human resource and financial competencies. Our commitment and specialized experience in group benefits allows us to deliver extraordinary client service, and customized benefit plans at less cost.


Traditional insurance brokers regularly survey the carrier market to source low cost benefit programs for their clients. The problem is that over the last decade the insurance industry consolidated; now, fewer carriers offer less choice. The result is carriers ‘low bidding’ to get the business and then delivering significant price increases at renewal.

We solve this problem with our expertise in Administrative Services Only (ASO) programs. The largest companies in Canada take advantage of the cost savings typical of ASO, and we have sourced Third Party Administration companies who are willing to offer these programs to small and mid-sized clients. Our clients enjoy transparent and often lower costs, on top quality group benefit programs.

ASO is not for everyone. There are good reasons to remain fully insured and as many reasons to consider ASO. We never finalize our recommendations until we’ve analyzed your actual claims over the past 3 years, to develop a fact-based comparison that we can review together.

Our full analysis of benefits coverage also includes tailored options like Wellness programs, Health Services Spending Accounts, transitional disability coverage, U.S. coverage and specialized out-of-country insurance. Consideration is also given to securing partnership agreements or key employees with life, critical illness, or specific disability coverage.

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RETIREMENT PLANSGroup Retirement Plans

Pension plan benefits can help attract and retain good employees. As skilled plan advisors, we design plans that meet specific cost and administration goals. Our expert guidance helps ensure that our clients’ sponsorship and contribution to employee retirement savings is a valued part of their overall benefits plan. When deciding to sponsor a group retirement plan, the employers’ decision on plan design rests largely on what the employer wants to achieve. We help our clients understand the pro’s and con’s of Group RRSP’s, Deferred Profit Sharing Plans, and Defined Contribution Plans so that decisions are based on understanding the long term implications of plan sponsorship. We also facilitate and document annual compliance with Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP) Guidelines so that the administrative burden is minimized and our clients remain compliant with the national standard of best practice for plan administrators and sponsors.

One provision of the CAP Guidelines state that fees, expenses and penalties relating to the plan should be disclosed. These fees include Investment Fund Management Fees and Investment Fund Operating Expenses; these are usually disclosed on the Fund descriptions provided to members.
The Guidelines also state that fees for services provided by service providers should be disclosed. Often, those fees are amalgamated into the Fund Management Fees. That makes good sense, once your benefits consultant has clearly identified the services they provide, and you agree that those services add value to your employees.

Our clients know what they are being charged, and they know what they will receive in return.

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Insurance becomes more affordable whenever an individual is associated with a larger group, so that the insurer can pool their risk. This is one of the primary reasons that professional associations, and many consumer organizations like Costco and BCAA offer health and dental coverage to their members.

Rogersworks encountered the need to create a more flexible plan for associated individuals when one of our corporate clients wanted to offer comparable health and dental coverage for the part of their workforce that were individual contractors. In collaboration with a Third Party Administrator and national insurance carrier we developed a unique program that met this clients need, and also allowed us to expand the offering to any association or company that is interested in a flexible program with robust benefits. Administration is easily done on-line, and members and/or contractors are billed directly.

Periodically we compare the cost of our program to traditional programs, and find we are priced similarly or slightly less than others. The meaningful difference is in the ease of on-line administration, program flexibility, and most importantly, the quality of benefits provided. Compare the fine print offered by traditional programs, and you will find that our plan choices offer fewer restrictions on drug and dental benefits. Our program also includes coverage for critical illness, AD&D, life insurance and 90 day out of country travel coverage.

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There are a wide variety of individual products available today that we tailor to address issues that are important to our corporate clients. Peace of mind is increased when Partnership Agreements are secured with life, critical illness, or disability coverage. Many of our corporate clients also use these types of products as helpful tools to recruit, retain, and protect against the loss of the individuals who are critical to organizational success.

We are skilled at identifying the best product(s) to protect against business risk, and meet individual concerns within corporate environments. We pride ourselves on helping our clients identify the right level of coverage for them.

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