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Many organizations think about insurance companies when considering group benefits plans. In fact, choosing the benefits consultant that is right for you is the smart first step towards choosing the right benefits plan. Rogersworks specializes in group benefit and pension plan consulting services for clients who want a highly skilled advocate representing their best interests in the complex insurance market. As independent brokers, we are licensed to represent all of the major insurance carriers and the top third party administration firms in Canada. As specialists, we have created uniquely flexible programs, sourced the best on-line administration capabilities, and are well regarded by our clients and insurers for our deep industry knowledge. We believe in extraordinary service, value for money, transparent fee structures, and putting our clients best interests first. We aren’t your typical broker!

Cost Management

  • Options for traditional insurance, Administrative Services Only or hybrid programs
  • Detailed cost analysis using clients’ actual historical data, comparing traditional, hybrid and admin services only (ASO) programs
  • Quarterly performance reviews to flag exceptional conditions early

administrative-easeAdministrative Ease

  • Multiple carrier options with one employee enrolment
  • Multiple billing options, with choice of centralized or direct to dealership/franchise/associate billing
  • Option of integrated payroll and benefits systems
  • Option of online administration with on-demand access to current data, trend information and more

value-added-serviceValue Added Service

  • Effective and knowledgeable service advocacy
  • Detailed quarterly claims experience reporting and analysis
  • Risk mitigation services such as severance consulting
  • Facilitation & documentation of CAP Guideline compliance for pension plan sponsors
  • Specialized focus on group benefits, pensions, program facilitation, monitoring and management

Value added service has real meaning to us. Our years of experience let us know what is possible to ask an insurer for, gives us credibility with the insurer, and connects us with the executive who can approve exceptions.
Here are some examples of what this looks like in practice:

Escalation for out of country long term disability claim
The Client A full service property management and real estate agency throughout the Lower Mainland
The Need A valued employee was told he had terminal cancer, and though no treatment options existed in Canada, there was a treatment available in China. The insurer initially declined to cover Long Term Disability as the treatments would be out of country. The client then asked us to assist.
The Solution John successfully negotiated an agreement between the Doctors in China and the Insurer, which addressed the concerns of each. The employee received treatment in China for a year, and has since returned to work; cancer free so far.
Services Provided Corporate employee group benefits plan
Caretakers benefits plan (billed to individual strata corporations)
Disability Buy-out program
Key Man insurance (arranged when founder retired and 2 employees purchased)
Critical Illness for Principals
Escalation for benefits for terminal ex-employee
The Client Canada wide pizza franchisor
The Need A relatively new employee was terminated for poor performance, and his benefits also terminated at that time. A few days later the ex-employee was rushed to hospital and subsequently diagnosed with brain cancer. Though the insurer was technically off the hook, the employer escalated the issue to John in hopes that life insurance and disability coverage could be reinstated.
The Solution Numerous, lengthy discussions with executives of the insurer resulted in reinstatement of life insurance and disability coverage. The disability coverage was the family’s only source of income during his cancer treatments. The cancer proved terminal, and we were then able to provide his wife with the life insurance which was sorely needed.
Services Provided Corporate employee group benefits plan, with individual billing direct to each franchise
Group Retirement Savings Plan
Accurate information when needed
The Client Professional Services Firm
The Need A senior employee had decided to attend a business meeting in Amsterdam, and was relying on out-of-country coverage provided via her spouses employer. The information received from that insurer was that she had adequate travel coverage. The issue came to my attention in the course of a regular follow-up meeting with the client. The employee was pregnant, and I advised that the baby would not be covered if born while away.
The Solution The employee double-checked with the insurer for her spouses employer and was told that not only would the baby not be covered, her own out-of-country coverage would lapse while she was away, based on her advanced pregnancy. The employee cancelled the trip.
Services Provided Corporate employee group benefits plan
Key man insurance
Specialized programs to suit unique requirements
The Client Mining Firm(s)
The Need Mining firms and mining services firms have specialized out-of-country coverage requirements.
The Solution Specialty programs to provide coverage for ex-pats and foreign nationals.

We have provided Korean nationals coverage while working at a mine site in Chile while being employed by a Canadian mining company.

We also work with a mining supply company that has engineers working in no-fly zones like Liberia, Russia, and Chad and have negotiated a specialized blanket program that covers all countries.

Services Provided Corporate employee group benefits plan
Key man insurance
Supporting the transition to new executive
The Client Canada’s largest family owned helicopter services operation
The Need Support a new COO in his activities to ensure their compensation structures were competitive
The Solution Provide impartial assessment of independent review by a competitor, and remain focussed on providing benefits stewardship in the best interests of the client
Services Provided Employee Group Benefits Plan
Payroll system integration
Defined Contribution Pension Plan with TFSA option
Industry/Profession specific Disability coverage

Product InnovationProduct Innovation

  • Expert plan design; Innovative offerings that include wellness, individual spending accounts, and company  ‘branded’ retirement savings plans, made affordable with sophisticated plan design
  • Specialty products designed to meet unique needs, for example:
Industry Pooled Benefit Plan
The Client Multiple small associations, operating in a similar industry
The Need Beneficial pricing based on aggregated participation
The Solution Industry Pooled Benefits Plans: allows advantageous, pooled pricing among ‘like’ companies or associations. Eligibility to participate in the pool is controlled by John Ash, to ensure the pool retains its original characteristics.
Association Plan
The Client A single association, with distinct requirements for competitive pricing plus optional add-ons specific to professionals, that are unavailable through individual carrier offerings
The Need Good/better/best offering with pricing below individual carrier offerings (Costco, Manulife, BCAA) plus optional critical illness coverage
The Solution Association Plan via a progressive TPA: amalgamates reporting at the head office level, while allowing easy on-line enrolment and direct billing to each individual, and no initial underwriting requirement.
Customized Hybrid Offering to cover employees and contractors
The Client A boutique recruitment and staffing agency with offices across Canada, and early expansion into the U.S.
The Need Group benefits coverage for corporate employees, plus a program for individually billed coverage for independent contractors who are placed through the agency
The Solution Combination of corporate coverage and a highly customized version of an Association Plan
Additional Services Provided Individual Life Insurance and Critical Illness coverage for Principals

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